Sacramento River Salmon Fishing Report For September 19, 2016

Here we are grinding through the third week in September, on what most dedicated and seasoned Sacramento River salmon fishing enthusiast are calling the worst Fall Run Chinook Salmon season the Sacramento River has ever seen.  "Much confusion still lingers as to why again we are faced with what appears to me to be a very concerning return of the Fall Run Chinook Salmon into the Sacramento River." Mike Rasmussen of replied when asked if he, like most Sacramento River salmon fishing guides, were concerned about the abundance of King Salmon in the Sacramento River between Ord Bend, Ca and the Barge Hole at the mouth of Battle Creek which Colman National Fish Hatchery resides on? "The importance of focusing on what we do have in the river systems now is far more important as a Northern California salmon fishing guide, then to worry about what the outcome may one day be. What it is, is what it." John Pearl of J.Pearl Guide Service explains. "We at least for now have an open season with many opportunities to catch quality King Salmon on a daily basis now on the Sacramento River. Not to mention what has transpired on the Feather River the last two weeks.  With the Feather Rivers top guides producing either limit out King Salmon fishing or very close to it for the past two weeks now." John Pearl continues to explain.  John goes on the reiterate that fact that although certainly this salmon season more then any other previous salmon seasons has been slow, with a full day of guiding and changing locations if deemed necessary, there are plenty of opportunities to catch what Mike Rasmussen of called "the brightest Sacramento River Fall Run Chinooks he has ever seen." Referring to a pair of hen King Salmon he caught a day apart earlier this week out of Woodson Bridge in Corning, Ca. Mike also points out the fact that this full moon phase like most full moons gets the in river chinooks on the move as they migrate to their spawning grounds rapidly. Also pointed out by Rasmussen who although skeptical excepts the fact that the abundance of salmon that up until this weekend continued to be caught in great numbers outside the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco.  Those salmon which disappeared this weekend from the Golden Gate most likely came into the river system with the aid of the months full moon. "We could conceivably be guiding for Fall Chinook Salmon into November if this is the case." Points out salmon fishing guide Mike Rasmussen.

     John Pearl with reports having mostly solid action with his salmon fishing clients this last week and through the weekend for the most part. John has been fishing the Sacramento River near Woodson Bridge for the most part during the week and then up river above the stronghold in Red Bluff,  Ca to better hide from the weekend traffic." Says John Pearl of J.Pearl Guide Service. John also reports between 2 to 5 fish a day being caught  in his boat on almost a daily basis. "You only get so many opportunities in a full day of salmon fishing to fill the fish box, and many things can go wrong when hooked onto a big adult Sacramento River King Salmon. If on any given day you loose a fish or two or some unseen event like Jet Ski's or unaware weekend worriers who drive right over your lines when working a hole that has been producing.  All these things determine the out come of how many fish are in the fish box at the end of the day." Pearl explains.

     Also reporting similar success Mike Rasmussen of says that a solid fish per rod average had been on his boat through this previous week out of Woodson Bridge, where a good sized school of Sacramento River King Salmon were held up for the earlier part of last week. As the moon approached it's September 17th full moon status, Rasmussen was shocked to find out that after a four or five day run of successful salmon fishing on the Sacramento River came to an abrupt end as the fish had left the Woodson Bridge area. "I chased them up through Los Molinos, Ca on Thursday after realizing they were gone from Corning, I caught up to them in about Dairyville and got four in a row on eggs in about and hour. I chose to move farther up river on Friday the 16th of September anticipating the salmons migration. I never caught up with them Friday, underestimating their rapid migration rate, and got goose egged after fishing 10 hours. Saturday morning the 17th of September that group of fish was in the Barge hole around 40 river miles from Woodson Bridge. The Fish and Game fish counters estimated 40 fish being caught by 10:00am." Rasmussen revealed.  Mike goes on to say a fresh batch of fish that showed up to Woodson Bridge in Corning, Ca accompanied by quiet water, duo to all the Northern California salmon fishing guides being spread out between multiple rivers, is a recipe for success. A good week of King Salmon fishing is expected on the Sacramento River this coming week. 

    These brand new unusually bright King Salmon are IN RIVER NOW and will be pushing through the Sacramento River for the next two weeks. Don't miss your chance at these beautiful kings. Call and book a trip today and let one of our professional guides take you on your King Salmon adventure down the Sacramento River. (530) 722-8876.



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