Sacramento River Salmon Fishing Report For September 5, 2016

     The feeling of fall lingers in the wet cool morning air that settles on the Sacramento River every night. Wet seat cushions that need to be dried by a towel every morning before clients board the boat. Hoodies and sweat pants a must have before departing from the boat ramp, only to be shed as the sunrise give way to the dry heat of daylight hours. The hunting seasons start, and school is back in session.  Everything appears to be normal here in Northern California on the Sacramento River except the one little thing. Everyone wants to know when the king salmon of the Sacramento River will arrive in catchable numbers. And I too ask myself the same question. Glimmers of hope are heard through fish reports and word of mouth ( river gossip ).  Word from the Pacific Ocean still reporting good numbers of adult salmon as far north as Fort Bragg, Ca and Bodega Bay reporting good amounts of adult salmon being caught earlier this week before the rough Pacific kept anglers off the water. And farther inland the Feather River in Oroville, Ca had a good week for salmon fishing guides and anglers in general.  So what happened to the Sacramento River run of Fall Chinook Salmon?  Mike Rasmussen and John Pearl, both Sacramento River salmon fishing guides that work with guiding full time for king salmon out of Red Bluff, Ca on the Sacramento River, both agree that the 2106 salmon season has been the toughest by far that either salmon fishing guide can remember.  "We are getting by and putting Sacramento River salmon on the chopping block everyday, but in not nearly the same numbers as this time last year or in years past." Says John Pearl.  "The salmon being brought in are in fabulous shape and of typical size for the Sacramento River, but the numbers are not here.  I don't see a salmon jump and leave a ring on my early morning drive to the grounds, the air on the river doesn't have the distinct smell of salmon mixed in and most obvious to myself is my rods are not bending over as frequently as one would expect for the end of the Labor Day weekend." Mike Rasmussen of reports.  Mike does go on to report landing one to three quality Sacramento River king salmon every day for his clients and Pearl as well report about the same average, stating that missed opportunities can tremendously affect the daily bag limit. Both Sacramento River salmon guides report that almost all their success has been coming pulling plugs like the K16 Kwikfish and Yakima Baits T 55 and T 60 flatfish wrapped with fresh sardine or mackerel. "The only other key to success is to fish quiet water as much as possible." Says Rasmussen. With only a handful of salmon in any one particular run or hole, your odds are much greater if angling pressure and boat noise are at a minimum.

     The outcome of the 2016 Sacramento River salmon season is still to far off to even guess what may be the end result come the end of October. But here at we hold our faith that the trucking program has done its job and that like the Umpqua River in Oregon and in several rivers and inlets in B.C. Canada the record late run return dates are met with larger and more heathy king salmon then in years past.  We are still booking guided salmon fishing trips well into October, weather and water conditions permitting. Call Mike Rasmussen at 530 722 8876 or John Pearl at 707 536 3984 to reserve your salmon fishing trip today.


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Sacramento River King Salmon September, 2016