Sacramento River Salmon Fishing Report CORRECTION For August 22, 2016

    Yesterday, August 22, 2016 released a weekly salmon fishing report for the Sacramento River.  The salmon fishing report released by insinuated skepticism on the success or lack of success the trucking program had for the juvenile salmon of the Sacramento Valley. These are the salmon and statistics in question, this years returning mature adult salmon are the product of the success from the trucking program, implemented to enhance salmon stability in the Sacramento Valley. Trucking the juvenile salmon ensured the babies safe passage and reduced mortality from predation and water pumps littered along their passage to safety.  Trucking the future of our salmon though the maze of mortality was the decision made considering the overall health of the rivers at hand and the almost non existent successful spawning of wild (non hatchery) salmon on the valleys rivers.  It was brought to the attention of that in our previous salmon fishing report on August 22, 2016 there was some very important statistical and factual information left out, when comments from the report blamed the trucking program as the probable cause to a slow and less then par showing of salmon on the Sacramento River thus far in the 2016 season.  It was brought to our attention, very tactfully I might add; that we as recreational and sport fishing salmon enthusiast would not even have a season to complain about if the trucking program had failed to exist. 96% of this years returning adult king salmon are of hatchery origin.  And 100% of these returning adult hatchery fish were trucked to their dumpsites and allowed them to get to the Pacific Ocean unlike the complete demise of their wild counterparts who are left to the wrath of a drought stricken and unhealthy river full of predation and pumping stations, making migration almost impossible to the Pacific Ocean. 

    Our views at, now well informed, have changed to that of a more thankful tone when referring to the trucking program. And we felt it was our obligation to repost some factual information brought fourth by GGSA in a very tactful and educational approach. The bottom line remains many contributing factors are still hindering a heathy river and its salmon runs. THANK YOU GGSA FOR YOUR CONTINUED EFFORTS IN ENSURING SALMON IN THE FUTURE!!!

Salmon Fishing Report August 22, 2016 Correction