Sacramento River Salmon Fishing Report For August 29, 2016

     "Things are just different this year. Period."  Replied Mike Rasmussen of, a Sacramento River king salmon, and striped bass fishing guide service.  He elaborated on the question as to which particular stretch of the Sacramento River he found most productive with the water conditions being back to a favorable level for both anglers and salmonoids alike.  "During a season with statistically normal returning Sacramento River salmon, I would be at Woodson Bridge in Corning, Ca. Where the numbers of returning adult king salmon can sustain the boat pressure in the many big salmon fishing holes that the salmon traditionally start to stage in when they show up here in Northern California, via the Sacramento River." Mike explained. He also noted that the salmon fishing the last few days has picked up noticeably as in river salmon left laying around start to get protective and grow teeth as they wait for mother nature to make the river rise slightly signaling their instinctual drive for the end.  "However in the mean time we should only start to have more successful and consistent fishing as more of the Sacramento River salmon continue to stage through out the Sacramento River from Hamilton City, CA all the way to the Barge Hole."  John Pearl of points out.  "Its a salmon run for god sake people!" John clearly stated.  Meaning that the whole river has had at least by now a handful of smaller pushes of fish come through, and into much of the Sacramento Rivers 50 plus miles of productive staging water.  And According to Mike Rasmussen, it is his belief that the Sacramento River king salmon come into the 50 mile stretch of river that most Sacramento River salmon fishing guides call home and utilize as their working area.  There are a certain number of full time and professional guides that take their clients out salmon fishing at each one of the launch sites throughout the 50 miles of river, with Woodson Bridge and Roosters Landing being the two most popular launch site facilities. This year has been pandemonium for Sacramento River salmon fishing guides that have bounced back and fourth between facilities, chasing the cell phone bite from a dedicated guide who ran into a few chrome  salmon when the timing was right and the newly arriving salmon where oblivious to the dangers of their new home, and the sounds of the guide sleds running around like mad. Thus forcing the few fish around to go seek shelter in any quiet water they can find where boats don't run them over and baits of all kinds are not constantly being thrown into the holes on the Sacramento River, where typically on a average  season there would be plenty of salmon around for everyone to be fishing and catching a few out of the same holes every day as the once dime bright salmon start going through the changes of life. Leaving the Sacramento River king salmon growing teeth and changing to a smokier color. But most importantly to the guides using lures, the king salmon starts to develop a attitude of protection and aggression rather then to run and hide from all the commotion constantly around them like when they first arrived chrome and hydro dynamic looking.  

     Undoubtably by far this 2016 salmon season has been the worst Sacramento River salmon fishing season to date. And as reports are received from the guides who spend this as their prime time for salmon a lot of zeros still come into the boat ramp on a daily basis. The Sacramento River does show a gallery of pics and for the last week or more fish have made it to the fish box with some missed opportunities. Although mostly as a whole Woodson Bridge is getting killed, but could change any day now. fishing guide Mike Rasmussen reports that a continued physical change in appearance  has taken place over the last 7 days or so.  Although dealing with a serious lack of fish to target to begin with, the fact that those historically consistent dates for the Sacramento River salmon fishing guides to book their customers trips with the previously gained knowledge of run timing and historically gained knowledge of the amount of Sacramento River salmon retained by my vessel in the previous years, month of August.   Putting together a working season may now be possible that the Sacramento River salmon that showed up here as chromers two weeks ago and wouldn't bite but rather hide in a few feet of water then in the bottoms of the dark deep holes being fished. To leave on a positive note Mike Rasmussen of reports that for the better part of 7 days large adult king salmon have entered the river system pouring under the golden gate and starting their migration to us here in the many towns in Northern California along the Sacramento River. "After last years August full moon those bright fiesty chinook salmon showed up almost two weeks to the day of the previous full moon. Hopefully our Sacramento Rivers current condition is that of a positive one sobbed


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