Golden Gate Salmon Association Lawsuit Against The Peripheral Canals

     I received this link through a email from a salmon fishing organization that has dedicated their lives to the chinook salmon of California. They are constantly working with and in full support of the Golden Gate Salmon Association and their goal of keeping a sustainable amount of king salmon stock in the Pacific Ocean for commercial, recreational, and sport fishing guides to benefit from despite all oppositions they face in current times. 

     The opinions in this blog are mine solely and may not reflect the opinions of the GGSA or any other affiliated organization or supporting group(s). 

     I have personally met several members of the GGSA over the past few years. I choose not to mention names for the simple fact that  things are taken out of context or misunderstood, and at no time in this blog am I voicing a negative view in anyway, shape or form of them personally or the GGSA as a whole. The three gentlemen I have had the privilege of meeting with all care deeply about the goals and life dedication they have all lived and continue to live for, for the existence of California's salmon fisheries. As a life long outdoorsmen in the golden state and a salmon fishing guide who depends on the Chinook Salmon as a primary source of income for my family to live on, words wouldn't even start to explain my personal gratitude to these three individuals and their dedication to the cause that was explained to me by one member as a life long commitment until life passes him on.  I can only be envious of the selfless acts of these dedicated members and their organization. As a salmon fishing guide here in Northern California I too have dedicated my life to the salmon of the North State which I depend on for financial security. My gratitude goes out to all fishing groups, hunting groups and any organization which purpose is to prolong  the existence of the lands and species I like my father and grandfather had the privilege to enjoy as a fourth generation Northern Californian.  

     As many of you know or may not know gov. Jerry Brown has shockingly weaseled his way through obvious, factual and legal restrictions stopping the forward progress of the pumping of the California Delta waters to Southern California despite the knowledge of irreputable damages to ecological life cycles already at the brink of existence.  The law passed this week clearing the way for the completion of the peripheral tunnels to move this California Delta water to a metropolitan area built in a desert at the cost of certain extinction for several species and many others that will be impacted beyond natural repair.  

     I want to personal and publicly thank the GGSA as a whole and all affiliated groups and organizations that work with or share the same views as the Golden Gate Salmon Association. I personally have sat 12 stories up a Sacramento, Ca high rises and watched what little to no  help or support this group was given by government entities and branches of law enforcement. Only to keep fighting for more salmon in the Pacific Ocean when to say the least odds have not been in their favor and government assistance of any kind at a complete minimum.  This is a CALL TO ACTION PEOPLE!! The GGSA has filed a lawsuit as a last resort to the complete disregard of any care of the health of the California Delta, its people, or its inhabitants. If standing for something and not letting politicians run wildly in Sacramento with their many hidden agendas is something you feel strongly about...its not to late and others out their feel the same way. Support can be given financially to the GGSA, vocally through the many, many possibilities social media can offer and through existing or new organizations that have similar interest in the preservation of what little we still have left as sportsman in Northern California.  


     The link above is of the lawsuit filed by the GGSA.....