The "No Salmon" Report for the Sacramento River Salmon fishing opener July 16, 2016

     Unfortunately there is very little to no success to report on the opening day of salmon fishing on the Sacramento and Feather River systems.  After two consecutive years of drought and opening day salmon fishing being done in record low river flow and virtually no salmon being caught by the recreational or sport fishing enthusiast.  The outlook for this July 16, 2016 salmon season opener was one of optimism due to the abundance of water being released into both river systems. Water being thought to be the cause of the disastrous previous two seasons.  "I felt blind sided as my five sardine wrapped kwikfish remained untouched after five minutes of them wiggling down my favorite run on the Sacramento River south of Woodson Bridge. When in years past with similar conditions the wrapped kwikfish may not even hit the bottom without getting pounded by a King Salmon fresh from the Pacific Ocean."  Reports Mike Rasmussen of  Mike Rasmussen continues to explain that the water although is a very real problem and threat to the salmon migration into our Northern California rivers, it is far from our only problem letting our salmon stocks again reach statistical yearly averages.