Northern California Salmon Fishing Report For The Sacramento River Late Fall Run King Salmon, November 12, 2016

     "The biggest, baddest, and best looking King Salmon of the year are swimming up the Sacramento River right now." Explains Mike Rasmussen of, a Northern California salmon fishing guide who prides himself in fishing for this late run of Sacramento River salmon. Personally Rasmussen enjoys this month of fishing the Sacramento River for these Late Fall Run King Salmon more then any other salmon fishing he does throughout the year. salmon fishing guides will be targeting these chrome monster kings around the Colusa, Ca region of the Sacramento River until about thanksgiving when he will finish of the remaining three weeks at his home water in Corning, Ca at Woodson Bridge. This particular run of  Sacramento River salmon are historically the biggest physically of the four different salmon runs that make their way up the Sacramento River to spawn. Salmon in the 30 and 40 pound class are caught every year during this run of king salmon. The potential for breaking the 50 pound barrier exist every time you put yourself on the water. These fish are super fresh and bite and fight hard.  salmon fishing guides Mike Rasmussen and John Pearl only use Flatfish this time of year to target these salmon as they are a highly aggressive species of Chinook Salmon. One violent bite from a Late Fall Run King Salmon on the Sacramento River will leave you laying in bed at night wishing for another opportunity to feel that strike. The fishing may be considered slow at times with hours of waiting, but volleys of explosive action generally make it easy to forget the waiting process. Days are short this time of year and a full day of salmon fishing can be expect to fill your daily bag limit. "We generally fish dark to dark not knowing exactly when these chrome kings will decide to show up." Rasmussen explains. These fish are constantly on the move up river and pinning them down may take all day. But the reward of landing one of these world class kings is well worth the wait. The weather will be cooling off considerably during the next month of salmon fishing on the Sacramento River and guests are encouraged to bring plenty of warm cloths on their outing, as to remain comfortable for the duration of the day. Most recreational boaters and fishermen along with 90 percent of the salmon fishing guides on the Sacramento River are gone by now and the river is peaceful and quiet making for a secluded outing on the river.

     This current moon phase has brought the brand new fresh run of Sacramento River King Salmon into the Sacramento River from Verona, CA up to Colusa, CA. These King Salmon are in very good shape and moving quickly up the Sacramento River. Mike Rasmussen reports that since his arrival to the Colusa, CA region of the Sacramento River on November 8, he has had consistent salmon action with some very large kings being taken on flatfish with a sardine wrap. Sacramento River salmon fishing guide Dakota Diense fish with Rasmussen on November 8, 2016, where he helped client Jay Atalat from the Bay Area land Sacramento River salmon fishing guide Mike Rasmussen land his biggest king of the year. The big male Late Fall Chinook tipped the scale at 42 pounds. is still booking Late Fall Salmon trips on the Sacramento River through December 16, 2016. Call 530-722-8876 or visit the website to book your trip today. 


Mike Rasmussen fishing with client Jay Atalat on the Sacramento River on November 8, 2016.