Northern California Salmon Fishing Report October 15, 2016. Smith River Kings Are Red Hot!!!

     October 15, 2016 near Crescent City, Ca on the Smith River, Mike Rasmussen of takes guests Tara Rhoads of Red Bluff, Ca and Big John McGee from Vacaville, Ca in search of their first ever Smith River king salmon. Both Tara and John had previously been up river, below the forks for the famous Steelhead Trout fishing that takes place here every winter, but had never been on a guided salmon fishing trip here on the Smith. The big winter weather events occurring in Northern California had the fast clearing Smith River prime for salmon fishing. And a full moon cycle coming complete on October 16, 2016, set the king salmon migration on the Smith River into motion. "I wouldn't miss it for anything." Mike Rasmussen, a Northern California salmon fishing guide said. When asked if he would be making the five hour trip from his home in Red Bluff, Ca. "The October full moon is here, accompanied by three big river rises this week. It's time." Rasmussen added with a smile. salmon fishing guides Mike Rasmussen and John Pearl decided with the higher then usual water levels flowing down the Smith River at press time the pair of Northern California salmon fishing guides decided to bring their jet boats to the Smith River to chase the kings in the lower river below the Hwy 101 down to the Rowdy Creek hatchery. 

     Mike Rasmussen reports his first trip of the season today October 15, 2016 went extremely well considering the gail force winds and driving rain at the site of their first pass with sardine wrapped kwikfish. Rumored to be the strongest storm to hit the west coast ever, did very little to discourage salmon fishing guide Mike Rasmussen from launching his boat. When I asked Rasmussen about the weather conditions, I was shocked to hear that he was on the water  and preparing to face the storm head on. "Well we didn't get all dressed up for nothing." He replied. Launching a little after 10am this morning with his Koffler Jet Boat. Mike reported returning to the ramp with easy limits of dime bright kings from 9 to 24 pounds within a hour and a half. But just in a nick of time as the 60+ mph winds drove the rain to the painful point. "We will most likely loose the Smith River tomorrow if the rains continue through the night." Rasmussen said. Adding, "But the next week through next weekend should be as good as salmon fishing could ever be. 

     We still have some availabilities left for Smith River salmon anglers who want to enjoy the most amazing scenery and catch the best king salmon in the state. salmon fishing guide John Pearl will be hear from Tuesday on to allow for more guests to experience.  Call Now @ 530-722-8876 or email us at  or you can find us on the world wide web at 


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"Big John" John McGee landed his first Smith River salmon with Northern California salmon fishing guide Mike Rasmussen with .

"Big John" John McGee landed his first Smith River salmon with Northern California salmon fishing guide Mike Rasmussen with