Closing Day Salmon Fishing Report For The Feather River On October 15, 2017

     Today October 15, 2017 was the last day for salmon fishing on the upper section of the Feather River, including the famous "Outlet Hole" that has created quite a buz this year in the salmon fishing communities of Northern California. The Outlet Hole was certainly the place to be for salmon anglers and sport fishing guides targeting king salmon for their clients. The water flows dropping on the Feather River over the last two weeks slowed down the best salmon fishing that anyone in the last decade could remember, but didn't bring it to a halt. In fact limits were still being had by most Northern California salmon fishing guides working the hole the last couple days of the season. "They just didn't come as quickly" noted Sacramento River and Feather River salmon fishing guide Mike Rasmussen with  The general consensus by the salmon fishing guides was that the fishing was still better then most days at any time on any river, it just wasn't like the absolutely amazing two months prior where limits for any sized group were obtained in a matter of hours even in less then a hour on several occasions. And fishing second and third groups in the same day became a thing of the past for the last week of the salmon season on the Feather River.  Still Chinook Salmon in great shape were being taken up until the last day and every client on any number of boats should have got to at least handle a feisty Feather River salmon even if it didn't make it to the boat.  By far this 2017 salmon season on the Feather River will be one for the books. Many many groups of out of town salmon fishing enthusiast came to the Outlet Hole near Oroville, Ca and went home with plenty of fresh king salmon for their consumption. Many memories were also made on this banner year of salmon fishing. A multitude of young first time salmon anglers caught their first salmon on behalf of their guides or mentors taking them out to the river so they could experience the feeling of a big king salmon on the opposite end of a fishing pole. A memory that will most likely stick with them for life. Hopefully to be passed on generation after generation keeping this great sport fishing industry open and full of opportunities for future enthusiasts.


      Although salmon fishing on the familiar Feather River from Oroville all the way to the Live Oak, Ca rock dam is over for the 2017 salmon season, many other possibilities exist and more opportunities are to be had until the closing day on the Sacramento River on December 16, 2017. The Sacramento River at the Barge Hole is still producing Fall Run King Salmon in the upper part of the river and any day down river near Tisdale, Ca the first Late Fall Run Chinook Salmon will start trickling through the lower river on their way to Battle Creek at the Barge Hole in Cottonwood, Ca. salmon fishing guide Mike Rasmussen will stay with the Sacramento River full time until the season closure on December 16, 2017.  Rasmussen will also be frequenting the Smith River in Del Norte County as the first storms of the year bring thousands of chrome bright and big king salmon into the wild Smith River which is not controlled by a dam and run off is natural. Still some of the biggest king salmon of the year are to be had in the next two months. Mike Rasmussen owner of can be contacted by cell phone at tel:530-722-8876 or by email at and on the web at for any booking questions and availabilities. 

Jason Clack from Corning, Ca prepares to net a salmon that is being fought by Erica who hooked her salmon on a sardine wrapped Flatfish while fishing with Mike Rasmussen of Mike's Guide Service.

Jason Clack from Corning, Ca prepares to net a salmon that is being fought by Erica who hooked her salmon on a sardine wrapped Flatfish while fishing with Mike Rasmussen of Mike's Guide Service.

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