Clearlake Bass Fishing Report For August 16, 2016. Clearlake Is On Fire!!!

    The bass fishing on Clearlake in Northern California has EXPLODED!  The most talked about Large Mouth fishery in the state of California and recognized across the country by all major circuits, has blown wide open in the past week. Local tournament anglers and pro tournament anglers such as Sacramento River salmon fishing guide, John Pearl who fishes the Wild West Bass Circuit during his time off from being a full time Sacramento River salmon fishing guide almost half the year.  John Pearl who is recognized by all bass anglers pro, amateur, and recreational alike on Clearlake, reported to  that the bite on the lake busted completely wide open with large schools of Largemouth Bass being easily targeted by the bass anglers familiar with the lake and its seasonal trends and feeding habits. "Clearlake is fishing phenomenal rite now, if you like to throw it, bass will bite it!!  The whole lake is producing fish. I went out today, started around 7:00 am and by noon had over 50 frog fish." John also explained that while most of the Largemouth being caught are from 1 to 3 pounds after continually weeding through the masses, big Largemouth are being caught up to 8 pounds respectively. John says that NOW IS THE TIME to book a guided tripthat will produce you staggering numbers and a action packed day. Also noted by John Pearl is that these trips are action packed and a perfect time to take a youngster out on a guided trip that they are likely to enjoy and never forget. Keeping the outdoors interesting and exciting to ensure a next generation love of the sport. 

    DONT WAIT FOR THIS TO COME AROUND AGAIN. IT IS A VERY UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY THAT SHOULD BE LOOKED INTO IF YOU ENJOY BASS OR ANY OTHER KIND OF FISHING. To contact John Pearl for booking information and reservations please visit the website. You will find contact information for John Pearl on the "About Page"  and in this weeks  Sacramento River salmon fishing report posted today August 16, 2016. You can contact John by phone or by txt or by email on the site. Don't put this opportunity on the side. BOOK NOW111