Sacramento River fishing report for June 13, 2016

   The recreational sport fishing season for King Salmon on the Sacramento River from the Red Bluff Diversion Dam down stream opens on July 16, 2016, roughly one month away. Many speculations have been made about the amount of fish estimated to return to the Feather and Sacramento Rivers. salmon fishing guide Mike Rasmussen expects this upcoming season to be much more successful than the previous two seasons.  He explains this hypothesis is just an educated guess. Mike says based on the fact that this year would be the year that the trucking program from Coleman National Fish Hatchery should show its success. Accompanied with this is the fact that this years El Nino weather pattern filled up Lake Oroville and Lake Shasta while also providing the Sierra Nevada mountain range with normal snow pack, to continue run off through its watersheds well into the summer.  "Our water conditions should be much more suitable for the salmons liking this season," explains Mike. Warmer and lower water flows over the past two seasons have changed and inhibited the salmons migration back to the hatcheries in which they were spawned.  This should be less of an issue for the upcoming 2016 season.  Mike Rasmussen and John Pearl have plenty of open seats still available for customers waiting to catch their limits of Sacramento River King Salmon. Call and book a trip today before the hype of the opening day of the season fills up the prime time dates from late August through October. Call (530) 722-8876 today to speak with Mike or John about prime time availabilities.

     The current Sacramento River fishing report from fishing guide Mike Rasmussen, stays primarily the same as the previous weeks.  With Mike Rasmussen reporting good to excellent action on the striped bass in the northern part of the river from Hamilton City, Ca to Red Bluff, Ca.  Top water action in the early morning and late evening has still been the best bet for these linesides.  The umbrella rig accompanied with small 3 inch swimbaits in white, with small lead heads have also been producing great numbers of fish for Mike. The late afternoon American Shad action has also remained red hot from Corning, Ca to well above Red Bluff, Ca. Mike has also had great success using the umbrella rig on his American Shad trips. Just switching out the small swimbaits for the chartreuse Mister Twister curly tailed grubs with red heads and casting them the same way as normal with a medium to slow retrieve. Multiple fish per hook up can be brought in this way as the shad get close to spawning and chase the hooked female shad all the way to the boat. For booking opportunities to catch American Shad or Striped Bass between now and the opening of the 2016 King Salmon season, please contact Mike Rasmussen at (530) 722-8876.